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Code Of Ethics

The future strategy of vParadox LLC realizes that the management of business is not an end in itself. It must be viewed as a service to humanity and society. It is through economic success, building infrastructure, and sharing knowledge that we accomplishment such a mission.

By economic success we mean the reduction in scarcity and the distribution of wealth.

By building infrastructure we mean developing tools that create business opportunities.

By shared knowledge we mean open sourcing of fundamental advancements in technologies.

It is imperative that we not only comply with the laws, but that we follow the spirit of the law to maintain high ethical and moral standards. Illegal actions will not be tolerated by an employee, independent contractor, or representative of vParadox.

Enforcement will begin at the corporate level rather than waiting for the law and the courts. Government regulation will not be a substitute for knowledgeable self-restraint. We have a responsibility to protect our earth and our people. We will act accordingly.

We expect all vendors and sales agents to operate with in the principles and objectives of our firm.

By maintaining our identity we will ensure our contribution to the quality of life of our people and our planet.