Our Company

What We Do:
vParadox designs and licenses technology to create 3D woven compression items and garments. Products under development include an shapewear line named DeMilo, a sports bra and a load carriage product line named
Marsupia. This technology has the potential to use automation and computer modeling as tools making product fabrication costs more competitive with overseas labor costs. By reducing processes and labor, our products are inherently "Green" because of the reduced consumption of energy and materials.

Who We Are:
Eva Osborne has a Master Degree in Textile science, AATCC-a Senior member, ISO- the US delegate and expert for Abrasion and Pilling, and a Member and ASTM- the past vice chair of D13 Fabric testing. She has recently won the Technical Award for Modulus Testing as Related to Stretch Fabrics June 2009. Eva, as the mastermind behind the 'Marsupia 1000' and her textile R&D expertise, will be the great asset in developing other new products. Eva has had many years experience in quality assurance and testing of garments, fabric and fibers, gaining her experience
at ADS Tactical (a military supplier), J C Penney Corporation, Weave Corporation and International Fabricare Institute. While working at Singer Company in research and development, she developed a patented process for adhesive joining technologies and a patented pattern making technology for white light feedback for anthropometric data. Early in her career, she was one of two students chosen from the United States to work with the designer Emilio Pucci in Florence, Italy where she constructed original designs, created and crafted her own line.

Claire Corcoran has a Masters Degree from the University of Texas as well as certification from the Legal Studies program at the University of Maryland. She served in the US Marine Corps and has worked as an educator, an advocate and in business programs related to commercial revitalization. Claire is a seasoned communicator and
liaison who can effectively advocate in marketing and promotions. She has brought three of the largest players in the sports retail industry to the table for negotiations regarding the use of vParadox’s cutting edge technology as a means of producing entirely new, high performance products for the athletic market. Her legal training provides an added asset with regards to negotiating, composing and reviewing legal documents and contracts and facilitating the patent
prosecution process. Claire was instrumental in working closely with our inventor to bring several of our existing patents to completion and issue in record time.

Patricia Snoke, B.S. from Penn State, has had a life-long career in manufacturing; the most recent 26 years working in the textile industry at Weave Corporation. The last 15 years she held the position of Vice President of Manufacturing; in this capacity, she was responsible for approximately 230 employees and all the departments at the
production facility. However, her manufacturing experience extends to the manufacture of composition cork, electronic components and television transmitters and translators; this diverse experience has culminated in her development of innovative solutions to many manufacturing problems. In tandem, she has implemented major manufacturing software systems in every facility she has managed. She is extremely skillful in creating
MIS solutions to track and control production. Pat’s clout in the industry has provided access to many jacquard weaving mills for prototype development. The independent mills have become a valuable resource for the development of the new R&D business model for jacquard weaving.

Jay Rishel has 12 years of Information technology experience, focusing on utilizing open source solutions. For the last 9 years, Jay has worked for T. Rowe Price, most recently as a Unix System Administrator specializing in Linux. Jay is interested in the nascent Open Hardware movement and coming 3D printing industrial revolution, and how these technologies can aid vParadox's goals to revitalize American manufacturing. Jay’s involvement in online maker communities keeps vParadox focused on using the existing weaving technology as a platform for integrating advanced technologies in the manufacturing environment. He opens the path for the future.
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